Hi and welcome to Sort & Paper!

Sort & Paper started with my desire to record and share my cooking and baking. Growing up, I ate mostly Japanese food that my mother cooked, but living in Southeast Asia, the US and having spent the last seven years in Australia, I have been lucky to be exposed to many cuisines and styles of cooking. I love eating out, going to supermarkets on my travels, and discovering new flavors and combinations.

I hope Sort & Paper offers some insight into my approach to food. I’m a big believer of eating in season, and making things from scratch. I don’t think that a great recipe needs to have 30 ingredients to be delicious. I enjoy finding those simple combinations of 3 or 4 ingredients that are unexpectedly, perfect.

I’m very new to this, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments, email me at hello(at)sortandpaper(dot)com. I hope you enjoy browsing through my recipes and discover something you’d like to try.