Very berry jam

So here I am, with 2 kilograms of mixed berries. Several types of blackberries and raspberries, freshly picked from the berry farm! I gladly accepted the berries from a friend who had some overseas visitors that went berry picking and went a little overboard. Who wouldn’t? So we ate a fair few, froze a bunch and still had 2 kilograms left. I decided to rescue the poor berries by making a mixed berry jam. The recipe is from Matt Preston at  Depending on the type of berries you’ve got and your taste, I would recommend reducing the sugar, especially if you have less raspberries. I think the recipe was suited to balance the tartness of raspberries, and I prefer a homemade jam to be less sweet than the off-the-shelf jams. This is much easier than the marmalade, much quicker and it set beautifully!

2kg berries
1.75kg sugar
1 lemon

Don’t make this recipe without: lemon

Wash all the berries, being careful to remove any cobwebs, bugs and any impurities. Squeeze half a lemon into a small bowl, and reserve the lemon skin. Prepare the jars by sterilising them with boiling water and drying them in an oven at 120C.


Place berries, sugar and lemon juice in a large pot and stir constantly on high heat. Once the sugar has dissolved and some of the fruit has broken down, add the reserved lemon half.


Bring the jam to the boil. I found that the blackberries didn’t break down as easily so I used the wooden spoon to help them break apart.


Keep the jam on a rolling boil. After 15 minutes or so the fruit should smell cooked and the mixture should begin to thicken. Check the sides of the pan and the wooden spoon, smaller quantities of the jam should be starting to set. Remove the lemon half and let the jam cool before spooning into jars.


The finished product! The raspberry seeds add a great texture and it wasn’t too tart because of all the blackberries. This is a very pretty looking jam, and was really well received when I gave them away as gifts.

Open printable recipe here